Monday, May 17, 2010

Green A96 Planning Protest Poetry

The Highland Green Party tells us in a Press Release (the first one ever received at the Gurn from them):
'So concerned was he about the dangers of Councillors taking the wrongdecision about developing the A96 Corridor between Inverness andNairn, one of our members - Bryn O'Shelin, ' a green poet' - had beenmoved to pen a few lines about the folly of The Highland Council'sproposals, which admirably sum up the reasons for the Greens'opposition to the notion of a development 'corridor', and also of thebenefits of investing in and expanding existing communities across theHighlands. His poem follows:
The A96 Corridor – Ode to a Road
Listen! For the time is nigh, when Councillors decide
A matter grave and upon which, many futures ride
Should the land, the fields and woods, ‘tween Inverness and Nairn
And which have fed and succoured us, since building of the cairns
Be buried deep, be cleft and cleaved, be lost to us for ever
Beneath the concrete overlord, the ultimate suppressor?
Or is there p’raps a better way, for each of us to thrive
Where all may share good learning, and fulfilling working lives
Where Highland-wide prosperity, comes first, prioritised
But withers on the vine, when investment’s centralised?
So, Councillors, I call on you, you the people’s voice Be wary how you cast your vote,
‘tis but a one-time choice
For once it’s made, it cannot change, its runes are cast in stone
And future generations, your decision may bemoan!'

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