Friday, May 21, 2010

Liz: more in the Courier today – and another on line poll – Facebook group ‘cuts no ice’ with Graham

The Courier has a major article on Liz’s sacking again. Most of the information in this article seems to be gleaned from the Facebook support group or links from the group. Nothing on line yet but perhaps they’ll be something this afternoon. There’s comment from Liz and Graham plus several ‘vox pop’ boxes along the side of the page plus news that the Courier are running an on-line Poll,’ ‘Do you think Liz MacDonald should be reinstated?’

The Facebook group is mentioned but Graham Marsden is unimpressed. Here’s what the paper says:
‘I have not had any e-mails, or telephone calls and have not been stopped in by anybody in the street protesting about the decision,’ said councillor Marsden
“Her role was civic and she politicised it. That is the reality and that was unacceptable. “Even if she got 1000 people on Facebook there are still 10,500 people in Nairn and at the last election she got 1500 votes”
Councillor Marsden suspects SNP supporters are attempting to whip up support for her reinstatement.’
The Courier poll is on their right-hand side-bar, half-way down the page. Once you have voted the Courier invites you to state why.
This article in the Courier shows how the ordinary citizens can take the situation into their own hands, create their own media on line and push subjects up the agenda. People in Nairn aren't shy about using the digital tools available to them either.


Angry of Nairn said...

I fear Mr Marsden is trying to put a good spin on the Liz affair. Denouncing the Facebook protest and indeed the number of votes that Liz obtained at the last council elections is ludicrous; he is simply trying to bury the issue by dismissing the volume of protests and then aligning them to SPP supporters. Stuff and nonsense! Marsden, Park, and Fraser made a terrible decision when they sacked our Provost and now they are desperate to hide from the subject

I would suggest that the overwhelming vote that Liz accrued at the last election wasn’t by folk supporting her SNP politics, but because as has been shown time and time again she is someone who stands up for Nairn. If people voted for parties Mr Marsden would have received many more votes than the few that he did, but despite being a Lib Dem councillor he has patently failed to impress the electorate. As was shown in the recent general election Lib Dems usually walk it in Nairn, not Marsden

The three councillors who sacked Liz are frankly spluttering and drowning under the large wave of public protest that has come about, frantically trying to give short statements to pacify the angry mass

Unless the subject is fully and openly addressed it is not going to go away. If Mr Marsden is asking for us to publicly harangue him in the street I will happily do so

We are all political animals and to sack Cllr MacDonald for standing up to the Inverness administration is a deplorable act against democracy.

I call for the immediate resignation of Marsden, Park, and Fraser over this matter. Nairn folk have lost all confidence in these people as our councillors, or if they really want to gauge feeling why not call an early election.

No doubt the three of them would be the first to cry ‘undemocratic’ if there was any attempt to remove them from their posts before the end of their term of office. Double standards as always

I hope protests continue until the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of the folk of Nairn

Red lorry yellow lorry said...

So how is Cllr Fraser planning to be non political in his new role as our Provost, say nothing?

Actually for Laurie this wouldn't be too hard and might prove to be a very good stance

Just rattle the gold chain a bit Laurie and nod your head when spoken to!

Iain said...

Graham has been quoted as saying the following - "Her role was civic and she politicised it. That is the reality and that was unacceptable."

I'd be grateful if someone could take time to explain how an elected representative can avoid being political. If they are going to do their job they have either got to be "for" or "against" certain policy's. What they say and how they vote should be a reflection of those who put them in office. If that's being political then we have reason to be worried about the future of democracy.

Are you being political if you are seen to oppose Council policy? Councilors should never forget that they are in office to serve and not to rule.

Time perhaps to start a new competition. The winner will be the first person to spot the next political statement made by any of our elected representatives.

Anonymous said...

Marsden needs to wake up..!

He says supposing Liz got a 1000 people of support there is still 10,500 poeple in Nairn...

His point is..?

At the last election he only got 535 votes of support and that was enough to let him in - that is hardly representitive...

Still its 535 more than he will get next year thats for sure.

Enjoy your stay of execution Mr Fraser, Park & Marsden

Lorry Fray Zer said...

"The winner will be the first person to spot the next political statement made by any of our elected representatives"

I'm saying nothing

mannie wi a wee white vannie said...

Nae room for ma gold chain in here, it'll have to go in the trailer