Saturday, May 29, 2010

ANB cash for Nairn TIC

The Association of Nairn Businesses are making a cash donation to the running of the threatened Tourist Information Centre in the Community Centre. Is this a quick glimpse of the future? As cash dries up will the community simply have to do more for itself?


Iain said...

The ANB is to be commended for its support of the Community Centre information point. The VisitNairn Tourism Association is also contributing £500.00 towards the costs of providing this facility.

We have to be grateful that the Community Centre has shouldered a cost that they had no obligation to fund. It had been hoped that VisitScotland and others might have supported the provision of Nairn tourist and business information. We must get a proper funding package in place for next year as every business benefits in some way from those who visit Nairn. No information and the next stop is Forres. Good information, effectively delivered, might help them to stay here longer. So let's do all we can to support this valuable facility.

Is it the way of the future? Probably. I think the days have gone when we can rely on grants and hand-outs. Time for the community to be inventive.

Skint said...

Not really! Should it not be ANB &
Visit Nairn, that should be doing more to help themselves.
They have had it too good for too long.When it comes to handouts they always seem to be at the front of the line.

Graisg said...

Well I might not agree with everything the two groups do but I'm glad they're there.'s site brings punters to Nairn for example and we all benefit from that.

Unknown said...

We are going to suffer austere times now. Public Finance will be be for essential services ( I hope) and not for wasteful and extravagant things like fireworks, homecoming events, highland housing exhibitions and the rest.

Chief Secretary of the Treasury said...


I too hope that our money is always wisely spent, but I do understand however nonsensical it may seem that spending monies on the likes of Homecoming means that we accrue more than the cost through people visiting Scotland and spending (I could be wrong)

Fireworks are definitely cancelled though!

Graisg said...

Even more reason to this observer for a single Community Council for Nairn - we need such a body to coordinate the voluntary efforts that will become necessary as pieces of the apparatus presently in place vanish.