Thursday, May 06, 2010

A brief interlude before they start-up again

Today belongs to the voter not the politicians. Well that is to say up until 10 o'clock tonight when they and their legions of media devotees will kick off again.


Anonymous said...

I will not be voting, all poloticians are liars and never keep promises, they have to say things will happen to get the public on their side, once its over and the votes are counted it doesnt matter which one is the winner, the outcome is and always will be the same, a lot of failings.

Once the public waken up and open their eyes to this the better.

Anonymous said...

Anyone for a Greek take-away tonight? Could be on our menu soon too once someone gets a proper look at the books.

Anonymous said...

Way things are going you wont be able to afford a take away once the new government is elected its back to the soup kitchens.

Brown,Cameron & Clegg the name of the debt collecting agency who as already mentioned by a previous comment not once answered
any questions with an honest answer so what faith can we have in the 3 no wise men.