Friday, May 28, 2010

Hug a sailor in Nairn tomorrow (Saturday)

After the High Street free hugs session (11.00) there will be more hugging down at the Sailing Club. Free hugs down there are from 12.00 to 15.30.
'If you're coming to Nairn for FREE HUGS tomorrow the Sailing Club open day is on and you could also get a FREE SAIL on the regatta (you may be lucky and see the dolphins) Pipe Band will be there, snacks etc'
See who's going for a hug at this event on this facebook page.


Saucy Sue said...

I have always had a soft spot for sailors with their weather beaten faces & rugged good looks, as i have just moved to the area & never visited Nairn before would it be worth my while making the trip through, its so i can put my curlers in tonight to get the hair looking good & get up early to put the make up on as the thought of a hug from a salty dog makes my knees go all a tremble
so through the kindness of The Gurn Site can i dare ask what the local talent is like, as i dont want to be dissapointed when i reach the harbour.

Sloop John B said...

If you think the dogs are salty.
Wait till you see the "Nairn HUG"
(Harbour Users Group)They will all lick you to death.

Old Tar said...

Ooh, well us sailors will certainly have our hair in curlers tonight Saucy Sue

Sailor Joe has a salty dog but she's a little old for big hugs; she still manages to wag her tail a little though

We're all very talented Saucy Sue, look forward to a little social intercourse with you tomorrow

Its a date said...

Right Sailors you have won me over
its going to be a visit to Nairn
looking forward to meeting Sloop John B & Old Tar you sound like my kind of Guys, as the song goes all the nice girls love a sailor.

yours sincerely
Saucy Sue.