Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Provost gets binned!

Nairn's 'Morning of the Long Knives' makes headlines
Liz MacDonald is no longer Provost of Nairn, she was deposed yesterday by the three administration councillors. Full details are available on page 1 of this week's Nairnshire Telegraph. Laurie Fraser is the new Provost.
A regular reader of the Gurn has also alerted us to the appearance of comments relating to Liz's dismissal over on the Save Nairn Swimming Pool Facebook group. Will the issues get buried as a full-scale political war breaks out in Ward 19?
One way that we could by-pass this nonsense is to have a Royal Burgh of Nairn Community Council and let that organisation have a go at chosing the Provost!
What do you think, were they right to sack her? Poll in Gurn side bar.
How the Press and Journal sees the Provost's dismissal:
THE first female provost in the Highlands was dramatically sacked by her colleagues yesterday – amid accusations she had politicised her civic role.
Liz MacDonald, who was provost of Nairn for almost three years, was asked to resign at a meeting with the town’s three other councillors – all members of the council’s ruling coalition – yesterday morning.
She was sacked after she initially refused to go.
The move follows a public meeting in the town earlier this month at which she was vocal in her opposition to the possible closure of Nairn Swimming Pool by Highland Council, despite the fact she was chairing the meeting.'
What do you think? Was Liz's sacking justified in any way? Poll in the Gurn side-bar.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Liz Macdonald's fight against the swimming pool closure will be no less or more effective as a Councillor, rather than the Provost.

She is perhaps paying the price for dragging silly party politics into the day to day Council business in Nairn. Her performance at the last Ward Forum was poor, her comments on occassions were ill judged and her bollocking of a Council Officer in front of the assembled crowd was petty and showed a poor understanding of how such situations should be mangaged.

Roll on the 'One voice for Nairn' movement, when we could select a Provost with a broader understanding of how to handle people, without them feeling like they been mugged.

Graisg said...

Regardless of her performance or the rights and wrongs of the summary dismissal I thought she should have been more even-handed when it comes to the Single Council for Nairn issue.
She seemed to be coming down if favour of the status quo - a status quo that is holding Nairn back.

Anonymous said...

Now that we have "HUNG PARLIAMENT" It is also now time for Nairnites to select their own "PROVOST". Politics must change acrross the board. As far as I am concern all recent Nairn councillors done nothing for the good of Nairn apart from their own interest. MUST remember all of them on next Local election which is not far away.

PR said...

"MUST remember all of them on next Local election which is not far away"

If you can stretch your mind back anon you may recall that in our local elections votes can be transferred to other councillors.

We've had the new Westminster model for quite some time in Nairn, with candidates getting elected without being voted for!

Anonymous said...

Now that we have a HUNG PARLIAMENT, it is also now time for Nairnites to select their own "PROVOST". It is not entirely democratic if councillors can decide themselves who will be the next "Provost". It must also be noted that all recent councillors done nothing good for Nairn apart from their own interest. I am sure Nairnites will remember them all on next local election which is not very far.

Anonymous said...

I believe that what we need is the people of Nairn a vote for who they want as provost, not appointed by the councilers themselves. I favour the swiss system where local people decide a lot of things and the council has to follow that. Inverness council (Highland) gets more power as usual to ignore everyone outside there little group.

annoyed holly said...

It is time that us, the people of Nairn stood up to these 3 people "acting" on behalf of the people of Nairn. Who suggested that Mr Fraser should become Provist?? My Marsden and Mr Park. The 2 other people that sacked Liz. Mr Fraser, do you like eggs?

Anonymous said...

Well said Anon.Lets hope there are a lot more people in the town with the same thoughts.
Anyway,any political thoughts or preferences, should be shown the door
When issues regarding what is best for the town and its people are in the frame.

Anonymous said...

Park the Convener. Fraser now the Provost, Marsden now Vice Chair Resources Committee - what a tangled web.........

Liz in a tizz said...

.Marsden,Fraser & Park should hang their heads in shame they are behaving like spoilt brats who do not get their own way, its a sad day when you have to write a letter just because a persons views may differ from yours, whats democratic about the 3 wise
mens action ??? who made the decision to make Laurie Fraser the new provost who is a representative to the town at social gatherings & also at The Nairn Games so if Mr Fraser is on duty that day he better sort out the public address system early so it does not hinder his mingling with the dignitaries who are in attendance.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the situation could have been handled better. Nairn must now decide if it can trust in the local councillors then vote with the pen at the next election and no just talk about it.
Nairn is a lovely place and has plenty going for it, but needs the people of Nairn to stand strong and vote for the issues they want like their own swimming pool, do they want the bridge at the harbour repaired and re-opened that is something Liz was against doing what do you think keep it closed or repair and re-open it.
It seens to be the councillors in Nairn are out for themselves and pleasing Inverness councillors just to keep their seats. Inverness knowns nothing of Nairn and its workings and should Nairn should not be controlled from Inverness type Nairn was on its own.

Unknown said...

i bak liz all the way as she has done alot 4 people of nairn even 4 the elderly and disabled in nairn as i was part of a membr of nairn wi socail work concil given my side of the views of people that wud benifit from services in nairn and liz was a gr8 help wi liz as not many people in nairn knows she went oot of er way tae help alot of people that wasnt in er area so lets get a pitition to reinstate liz macdonald in provist look at sandy park so wat is every1 goin tae do aboot this

Anonymous said...

Marsden,Fraser & Park : Who will be next for the backstabbers knife.

Watch your back Laurie it might be you...:)

You have lost any respect I might have had for you, If you cant respect yourselves you dont deserve any..!