Monday, May 31, 2010

'Lizgate' on Press and Journal front page

'OUSTED Nairn Provost Liz MacDonald kept a weekend promise to hug her supporters and gave a special embrace to the campaigner who entered cyberspace to fight her corner.'

The P&J also spoke to Colin Barron, who started the Reinstate Liz facebook group:

'Mr Barron said: “I’m not into politics. But how can three people sack a popular provost and then vote in one of the three who sacked her?

“Where’s the consultation?

“We’ve e-mailed the other three and council leader Michael Foxley about this. They haven’t responded. All we want is answers.”

Full article and picture on Press and Journal site.

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Anonymous said...

These three Councillors are supposed to be representing the people of Nairn, not the 'administration'. The people of Nairn have the right to know why these councillors took the decision they made on their behalf. The three councillors must be able to justify their actions. At the moment they seem unable, or unwilling to do so. Why were no minutes taken? Have they been caught out? Were the reasons their own, or were they prompted from outwith Nairn?

The impression that many are taking from this whole farce is that either somthing very sly or something very stupid is behind all this.