Friday, May 28, 2010

Nairn 'Love-in' ? 'Sacked civic leader gives out free hugs in town centre in a bid to move on ‘in a nice positive way’ '

The P&J is perhaps getting a bit carried away and calling tomorrow's event a 'love-in'.
'Former Nairn Provost Liz MacDonald will hold a love-in tomorrow to thank some of her many supporters.
Mrs MacDonald, a talented belly-dancer as well as Highland councillor, was sacked as the civic leader earlier this month for allegedly politicising the role.'
The paper quotes Liz:
'Speaking yesterday, she said: “The purpose of the free hugs, on Saturday morning at 11, is just to draw a line under things.
“It’s just me saying ‘thank you’ to the people who have supported me. We’re all going to have a hug and move on.
“We’re a warm, friendly, caring community and we’re just getting together for a hug. I thought it would be a nice positive note to finish on, to thank people. '
Read the full P&J article here.
Liz is also quoted in the Courier:
Hugs all round from deposed Provost
'It's just about a bit of fun but I want to show that Nairn is a warm and welcoming place as well as thanking everybody for their support,' she siad.'I'm not going to be reinstated now so it's a bit of closure as well.'
However she admitted her councillor colleagues would be unlikely to receive a hug should they decide to turn up. '
The Courier article is not online yet. Also in the Courier today is a quote from Suzanne Renton who voted in the Courier on-line poll (result so far 75% think Liz should be reinstated, 25% no)
"Liz MacDonald has always done her best to back the views of the people of Nairn and has brought a lot of funding to the town. She is not just a 'yes' woman who sits on the fence, or goes along with the majority; she's willing to speak out for the good of the town and its people. She has been a great provost and I think it's a disgrace that she has been sackd so underhandedly."

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