Saturday, May 01, 2010

Day at the races

Today saw the start of Nairn Sailing Club's racing season, several cruisers took part in today's race which was for the Craig cup. Boats endured blustery conditions with a cold, strong easterly wind and squally showers resulting in all boats reefing their sails


Jane Harkiss said...

Christ I'd love to be on one of them boats, sailing away off into the distance. Preferably aff me heed, or clutching a large glass of something extremely potent. Yeah like that's gonna happen, right...? Oh, hello ...!

Life on the ocean wave said...

May i have the pleasure of the company of Miss Pookie Candelabra
at a cocktail party on the poop deck of my luxury yacht berthed
at Nairn Harbour, security will be tight so would you please make yourself known to my ships captain
Jockie Breekie who will issue you with a pass plus I have to bring to your attention that photographs will be taken at the event which will be published in Hello magazine & hopefully The Nairnie. RSVP

fashermon said...

Looks like Pookie has been taken on board and taught by a Nairn boating loon before if this is the way she wishes to sail

"Preferably aff me heed, or clutching a large glass of something extremely potent"

As for a poop deck, aye all our boats have one of those now in Nairn harbour, a mixture of the gulls and the starlings

Not sure about Hello magazine but you always have to be hopeful of a photo appearing in the Nairnie

Read all about it said...

New celeb mag launched in the Highlands along the same style as HELLO magazine called BUGGER AWFF
with exclusive story from the Nairn Boating Loons adventure with
The Pookie Quine.

Not to be missed.

Jane Harkiss said...

Well a life on the ocean wave sounds cool to me right now. Stay frosty. And stap being so nasty! I can't help being wonderfully sexy & gorgeous you know.