Saturday, May 01, 2010

Inverness Labour march to protest against themselves!

Here's Labour Candidate Mike Robb and his Inverness colleagues marching on the May Day parade earlier today. The march was billed as a protest about the cuts to front-line services. Now as Labour are part of the ruling Administration on Highland Council then the cuts and consultation package presently causing so much anguish in the Highlands are just as much their property as their LibDem and Indy co-rulers. A surreal sight. (picture will enlarge)


vote for me said...

I assume that this gathering was a "mayday-mayday-mayday" call by the now beleaguered Labour party, they are certainly in need of some urgent assistance

No need to listen to embarrassing comments on a radio mic today, just count the pitiful attendance for this all important protest march.

There must be a few red faces this evening wondering where it all went so wrong

Graisg said...

The picture is of the Labour contingent yes.
There were about 60-70 people in total on the march. It certainly didn't capture the imagination of Invernessians. And when you think of how many people work in the public sector in Inverness one might have expected to see more numbers taking to the streets.
Perhaps folk in the Highland Capital are resigned to what is coming? Perhaps the presence of Labour kept people away?

keep the red flag said...

The lack of protesters in Inverness today points to what we in Nairn already know, the Highland Council cuts are mainly going to be outwith the great city walls

As for Labour, the numbers on the march (6?) say it all

Anonymous said...

"Demonstrators mark May Day around the world"

There must be someone somewhere quaking in their boots having seen this photo, no?

Jane Harkiss said...

Or perhaps politics is just one huge turn off? That's the most likely reason. Apart of course from the very wonderful satire 'In the Thick of it' which just about sums it all up. They're all a bunch of self-seeking bastards whatever party

Jane Harkiss said...

God I am beautiful, aren't I?!! Even I fancy me, never mind the bloody labour party