Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nairn free hugs session

Nairn free hugs session goes well with lots of media interest. More detail and pictures later. Pic will enlarge.

Update: more pictures now available on the Gurn flickr pages.


Huggy Bear said...

I got my High Street Hug anyway.Most enjoyable it was too.Well done Liz.

Unknown said...

Yes, well done Liz. A good effort.
Shame on the male councillors for ousting her. She only had one more year to go as Provost.
What exactly was Sandy Park's beef (pun intended!)? He's meant to be independent - whatever that means. I think it means "sitting on the fence"!

I was there said...

According to Juan Mann who started the Free Hugs campaign, "Sometimes, a hug is all what we need."
On the High Street yesterday many people were wary but many, as can be seen from the photos, actively took part!
Some cynical people may think this was all a bit cheesy but one instance in particular highlighted the importance of a hug and a cuddle and brought a lump to the throats of those who witnessed it; for that moment alone the whole exercise was worthwhile.
Well done to those who took part and, for a brief moment, made people smile.

Hug & Cuddle compulsory said...

As i also witnessed what I was there commented on,it was indeed a very touching moment a hug may seem daft to some but to a gentleman who passed by & got a hug from Liz it meant so much as he explained, when you heard what he said it was very moving.