Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free hugs campaign Saturday - Liz 'Parking up' her dismissal

More details now available

Date: Saturday, 29 May 2010
Time: 11:00 - 13:00
Location: Court House, Nairn

Liz says:

'To Park my dismissal as Provost of Nairn, to make a positive statement and show Nairn as a friendly, welcoming, caring town. If you can't come to Nairn I hope you'll Hug someone where you are. Sometimes all you need is a HUG to make the day brighter.
Thank you all for your supportX ...'

Follow the build up to the big event on the dedicated Facebook page. A chance to put Nairn on the map Gurnites - let's go for it!


Hug Bug said...

A wee problem just had a phone call fae the electrical shopie on the High Street informing me that ma telly will be ready to pick up
on Saturday morning now if Provost Fraser is on his premises
how doo i stand aboot this Hugie thingie dae i gie him ane or doo I nae, as i dinna want to be politically uncorrect this getting rid o Lizzie has fair scunnered me.

Bed Bug said...

Well Hug Bug if I was you I would just hug ma TV rather than Corporal Fraser (or whatever rank he is now)

Having safely installed your TV you could then start hugging all and sundry, but watch yerself now, some bugs have the disposition to bite!

Love Bug said...

Bed Bug youre awfae fine for geein me a bit o advice regarding some bugs that are nae friendly & bite so on Saturday morning before the Huggies Thingie i will drap in tae the pharmacy get some insect repelent & put a drap behind my lugs hope to hell the pong will no interfere we my Old Spice, canna wait to get a luvie
fae all on the High Street its fair dandy wit you can doo noo we oot get arrested for it.