Thursday, May 13, 2010

Liz - supportive comments on Inverness Courier site too

Provost has views that are not in agreement with Council - so she's fired. Well that's adult and intelligent, what astounding transparent leadership - NOT. With that style of managment, no wonder people in this area feel so under-represented and vulnerable. Investigate, Courier - do your job. Find out more. Tell us what is going on behind this - don't leave it hanging.
Closing a swimming pool in a seaside resort could literally be a death sentence. Can all the kids in Nairn swim? Thought not.

How can a role you are elected to not be political? Idiots
Katrina T
Totally agree with Kate this needs to be investigated. Liz Macdonald conducted herself well in her role as Councillor and Provost. This decision is petty. Wonder how Councillor Fraser will feel when he wears the Provost chain for the first time. Honoured, respected? I don't think so.

A. Beatson
What a disgrace. I didn't even realise Liz was a member of the SNP until this blew up. Good on her for sticking up for the people who voted her in. Maybe the others were intimidated by a woman who's good at her job. As for the courier doing its job - she's not a Lib Dem so no chance of that

What a complete and utter disgrace! Whether this lady is in opposition or not should have no bearing, I think that's healthy. If they are allowed to get away with this then it just goes to show that voting for anything up here is not worthwhile. The whole Highland Council is a disgrace. It's like a wee clique who are a law unto themselves, they don't care what the people want they will just do whatever they want to do and no one can stop them! I agree with Kate, (above), this is a half baked story, get to the bottom of it. Why do the Courier and Highland News continue to publish half stories and never actually do any investigative journalism, are they really that afraid of upsetting big businessmen or councillors or anyone else who can withdraw advertising revenue? I understand it's difficult with such a small paper but surely someone within these papers has SOME journalistic guts!

Well said Kate, come on Courier, do some investigative journalis, ther is something "no" right here.. '

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