Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cinema Nairn - Friday Night's film

The Sweet Smell Of Success(PG) 1957
They know him - and they shiver - the big names of Broadway, Hollywood and Capitol Hill. They know J.J.- the world-famed columnist whose gossip is gospel to sixty million readers!
They know the venom that flickers in those eyes behind the glasses - and they fawn - like Sid Falco, the kid who wanted "in" so much, he'd sell out his own girl to stand up there with J.J., sucking in the sweet smell of success!
This is J.J.'s story - but not the way he would have liked it told!
Friday 28th May at Nairn Community & Arts Centre - starts at 7.30pm

Tickets from the Community Centre, Nairn Bookshop and iolaire photo:graphics (at the Station).

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