Saturday, May 22, 2010

Highland Council Budget cuts blog now debating Swimming Pools

Highland residents have had 9 days to comment on the first subject raised on the Cuts Leader's blog. Presumably there will only be a similar period to comment on the latest question:
'19 May - Can we reduce the number of swimming pools, community centres, museums and libraries that we operate?

The Council currently operates a large number of community facilities. In order to reduce costs we are having to look at different options for these facilities for the future:
Closure of some facilities in order to maintain others
Reduction in opening hours
Using public buildings differently and more flexibly providing services and space for different needs and groups
Transferring the management of some facilities and services and leasing these to not-for-profit organisations
Increasing charges for the use of facilities'
You can comment here but registration is necessary.

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Birnham Wood said...

If Highland Council have already decided upon cuts to balance the budget why hold this ridiculous charade of so called pubic involvement via the likes of the blog mentioned here, or the roving consultation meetings?

Do they really think the public will be mollified when the cuts happen (for they will) with the thought 'well we were consulted'

One assumes the highly paid council managers know only too well how to wield an axe and it's only a matter of choosing the least popular trees to fell?

No doubt they will not be cutting themselves down in the process, nor their salaries