Friday, May 07, 2010

Well Hung (but locally Christians triumph over Greens)

Looks like the majority of voters got the 'NOM' (no overall majority) they desired. Danny romped home again in this constituency with the Labour vote taking a bit of a tumble but not enough to allow the SNP to come second. The Tories picked up a little too. The Pathetic Green effort was beaten here by the Christian Party. Perhaps the Greens should put up a candidate prepared to do a bit more work? Next time round will we be voting under a proportional representation system where every vote would count? A dreich but well-hung morning to reflect upon what comes next.


swing off a metre said...

How many hours, days, weeks, months till we have a government, and then how many hours, days, weeks, months till we have another general election

Did we the voters break democracy yesterday or do we have a system that just can't cope without dramatic swings between the two main parties?

Time for PR? Lets have a vote!

Anonymous said...

Who's "well hung"?

We need them for the hunks in trunks competition

I voted for Danny but... said...

... I got Dave Cameron instead

Canuck said...

Welcome to Canada!
We have been with a minority government for years now, its beyond annoying.
Nothing can be passed and we keep having elections with what seems like every year or two.

Marjory said...

Donnie Macleod, the Green candidate, was in fact the only other candidate apart from Danny Alexander, who actually replied to my emails asking the candidates what their position was on total democratic reform in our government. He emailed me several times to clarify his excellent position, so I entirely disagree that he didn't work and respond to voters' questions.

Well Hung Parliament said...

Good for you Marjory for managing to drag Donnie out of his busy lambing shed to reply to your emails

Mike Robb (Labour) managed to blog now and again but didn't manage to reply to any comments

Never mind, perhaps they'll all get another shot at it again soon

Jane Harkiss said...

Hunks in Trunks is a fine idea, but could end badly. Weirdos in Speirdos more like, unfortunately. Hey ho, life is never that simple is it? And if you think I am getting my rather gorgeous bikini on for a bunch of mingers to gawk at, well you're just wrong. Actually it's a Tankini, anyway, so there.

Anonymous said...

Politicians could enter the Hunks
in Trunks competition then the captivated audience could to see
if they swing to the left or lean to the right.

Pookie in her Tankini might have a preference for Brown though!!

Hunk with a trunk said...

The problem is anon is that if politicians took part there are just too many of them trying to fit inside each others trunks at the moment. This is not a pretty sight that will end in tears if you ask me

Still, nothing like a new political party to brighten things up - welcome to the new "Condems"

Sorry if any of you voted for either the Lib Dems or the Conservatives, you're not going to get the party you voted for!

Graisg said...

Yeah it's time for a Goverment of National Disunity.

Met a worthy on the way home from a last minute major cider purchase last night (22.00 in building formally known as Morning Night and Doom). He was raging, having gone from SNP to Danny in aim of keeping the Tories out. C'est la vie :-) His body and bicycle, including the 2 litre botles dangling from the handlebars were all shaking with his rage.

oil and water mix at last said...

Poor soul. I bet pre the post election result he might have treated himself to a nice dram, now its all down hill with copious amounts of the evil cider which only just escaped the Lab our 10%+ tax hit

Con Dem'd man said...

Irony is that Labour were at one point promoting tactical voting for the Lib Dems rather than themselves in certain constituencies

Won't be doing that again in a hurry

Pass the cider!

Scrumpy Grumpy said...

Hi Craig your meeting with the worthy on his way home with his 2
bottles is like politcs at the moment it depends on what CIDER your on, & Hunk with a trunk makes a good point can you imagine
the politicians trying all to get in the same trunks what a load of bollocks that would be.

Isla O'Reilly said...

Was this election result a true representation of our voters beliefs? I hope not. I find it very disheartening to think that there are not more people who believe in the 'Green' issues. We live in an area of such outstanding natural beauty and we need to make sure that we protect it. The politicians of today have lost all credability. We need REAL change. If people vote for the same old parties they get the same old response. The media gave minimal 'airtime' to the smaller parties both here and nationally. If people are being told every day that they only have a choice between the top 3 then that who is they are going to choose. We need total reformation of our voting system so that none of our votes are 'wasted'. It is unfair to pick out the Green campaign as being pathetic when what is truly pathetic is somebody who goes against all their pre-election promises as soon as they get a whiff of power.