Thursday, May 20, 2010

Talking about budget cuts

There was discussion of the cuts at the River CC meeting at the Laing Hall on Tuesday night. The members seemed to be inspired by the words of John Hart (suburban) at another meeting recently. Namely that there are well paid managers on Highland Council and it should be there job to manage and find cuts of say 10% in each department.

Here’s what Iain Gordon thought: ‘There are people paid there to manage, we put them in place on bloody good salaries. Hired to manage and then that’s what they should, they should manage. If they were running a proper business, it would be done on a cost effective basis. At the front line where we need it, you’re losing street cleaners etc, etc. When it should be right the way, take out a line of the whole management. The top can do more and the next level down can do more.

More later including comments from Highland Councillor Graham Marsden who was also present.

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