Friday, May 14, 2010

Inverness Courier editorial supporting Liz:

'Let the public elect the Provost' says the Courier and calls Monday's incident 'shabby events'
The Inverness Courier comes out in support of Liz today in an editorial (not yet on line at 07.20) The paper states:

'The exact nature of the accusations against her are a little woolly.' and:

'If she does not speak out against council policy at local meetings no-one else will, and with such small numbers involved it is unrealistic to expect her to remain silent, even as chairman.'

'There is also an inconsistency in her accusers' argument. They say she has to go because her views are at odds with council policy, but that is irrelevant if this really is a non-political post, as they insist it is.'

'The answer we believe, is to hand power to select the Provost back to the people.'

'After this week's shabby events, we fear the alternative is for the position to lose all credibility with the public.'

That's what they think in the big city folks and reading the comments coming into the Gurn and the Facebook group and the Courier site itself it looks like the position of Provost of Nairn already has zero credibility since the bushwhacking incident when Liz was sacked in the Courthouse on Monday.

There is also an article and picture or Liz in the Courier and another article in the P&J, none of them are on-line yet. The Gurn will link to them if they appear later.
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Scratching my head said...

in the P&J article its states at the foot of the column a comment from Sandy Park who remarked that Liz is doing a grand job in Nairn.

What the bloody hell did you want to get rid of her for then as The Provost.

The 3 Stooges always made me laugh.