Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More from Liz at Tuesday evening's River CC meeting

At Tuesday night’s meeting of the River CC Liz answered a few questions.

She was asked if her sacking came as a complete surprise.
‘Yes. I didn’t even know they had a pre-meeting, they had everything written out.’

A little later she went on to say:
‘And they’ve done it all behind closed doors. They’ve made the Provost’s position much more – they’ve demeaned it by doing it all behind a closed door and not giving it the authority. They should have had a public forum – at the ward forum they should have said we’re making an announcement that Laurie’s the new Provost but they did it all behind closed doors. They put out four lines on a press release.'

Liz was asked if there was any move to unseat her when the SNP left the Council administration.
‘When we came out of the administration there was no talk at all of me giving up the position of Provost and ward chair. It was never mentioned until Monday. '

Another question was if she thought the others had been ganging up on her.
‘All throughout these last 18 months there’s been a lot of complications and that’s because I’ve been speaking against what the administration’s plans were for Nairn. MacLean Court and the respite being taken away. There has been conflict but I was just trying to do the best.’

On the crowding of the Ward Forum agenda:
‘I thought the ward forums were about listening to the community’s views but it’s about what the Highland Council wants to talk about.’

Those present at the meeting then heard exactly how the knives came out at the Courthouse on Monday morning.
‘The ward business meeting was at nine o’clock so I went into the Courthouse at five to nine and I went into the Provost’s room and Louise said, ‘Oh you’re in the chamber, the other councillors are through there.’
And I went through and Sandy said, ‘We think that you have been the Provost now for three years and we think it would be fairer to share it and let the other two councillors have a go.’
And I said, ‘Well, I don’t remember you sharing it when you were the Provost for eight years,’ and then, ‘why are you asking me to do this?’ And then Graham Marsden said:‘Oh, well the way you have been behaving politically and you were political at the last ward forum going on about the swimming pool.’


seeds of change said...

Sandy said, ‘We think that you have been the Provost now for three years and we think it would be fairer to share it and let the other two councillors have a go.’

Well I think Laurie, Graham, and Sandy have been on the job for too many years now and they should all resign to let have someone else have a go. Will they, no way. One rule for one, another for them

They have lost my respect and that of many others in Nairn over this matter so not sure as to how they plan to continue to be our councillors?

Iain said...

I didn't always see eye-to-eye with Liz but this development has some worrying undertones for Nairn. I can only judge that if someone is being "too political" over proposed cuts, it really is code for "don't cross the Inverness Administration". So when it comes to cuts in Nairn don't expect anyone else to speak out against them.

Before too much longer I would like to see some examples of our Councillors pulling together for the good of Nairn. If the UK government can work something out, it's high time our elected representatives stopped their political maneuvering and devoted themselves to representing Nairn rather than their masters in Inverness. Once again they have failed us.

Revenge is sweet said...

Bless ma cotton semmit just back fae the holidays we ma female gurner & had a wee butchers at The Nairnie to catch up on the gossip & the front page news story wiz that 3 glaigit mannies named Park, Fraser, Marsden hiv sent a letter tae oor awfea fine wifie Provost Liz wee that bonnie belly sacking her, this has got the misses dander up & she is in a hellava mood & after watching a thing abboot The Spice Girls a few years ago on the box all aboot girl power she is a woman possesed & hell no man is safe so
i have to keep her on a leash ben the hoose because she is after revenge for what they have done to The Kingsteps Lassie so i just hope she does not bump into to Sandy, Laurie & Graham, hold the front page again The Nairnie.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Liz is a moany woman who is unhappy to be in control. Nairn will be better without her!

Graisg said...

I think we can guess which way you voted in the poll over in the side-bar then anon :-)

Jane Harkiss said...

Hmmmmm.... When it comes to revenge, Dr. Lecter is a very good ally, trust me. Just buy him a decent bottle of Cianti, some pork scratchings, and be sure to give him the full postal address. Don't want any nasty mistakes now, do we? ... ta ta