Monday, May 10, 2010

The Highland Council Budget Consultation Blog is now open

The left it until after the election but it's now open. You have to register to comment and the questions seem to be fixed although they do invite you to send in comments if you wish to go off-off-topic. This week's debate is entitled: 'Are we running too many schools?'
Gurnites may be more interested in a subject that will be posted next week:
'19-5-10 Can we reduce the number of swimming pools, community centres, museums and libraries that we operate?

What other options should be considered:
Using public buildings differently and more flexibly providing services and space for different needs and groups
Transferring the ownership and/or the management of some facilities to not-for-profit organisations
Reducing opening hours
Increasing charges for the use of facilities'
Perhaps a link to the 'Save the Pool Facebook group should be the first thing to be posted on that blog?
PS: Library closures..
Anyone with a Facebook account that is worried about the fate of Nairn Library and all the other libraries in the Highlands might wish to add the following campaign Page entitled Ex Libris as a friend.
PPS If you do register to make a comment on the Budget cuts blog please then go along and support the calls for a Royal Burgh of Nairn community Council on this other consultation page.

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Anonymous said...

Just signed up this blog and there are a few interesting comments on there already. Anyone fancy taking bets on the results of the consultation depending on how the questions are phrased?