Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Liz - Articles in the Herald and Scotsman

The slap in the face to Nairn delivered by the 3 Inverness (sorry Highland) Council Administration members (Laurie, Sandy, Graham) is now getting noticed all over Scotland. Do Laurie Fraser, Sandy Park and Graham Marsden represent Nairn or The Highland (Inverness) Council? It's time we had more Councillors that fought for Nairn rather than giving their first loyalty to a political administration based in Inverness. To the Gurn this proves more than ever that Nairn needs a voice to stand up for the Town, time for A Royal Burgh Community Council. At this rate Nairn is going to be totally shafted by Inverness - it's time to get involved and speak out! Here's an extract from the Herald
Her belly-dancing hobby had already been the focus of media attention, but now the first woman to become provost of a town in the Highlands has been sacked by her colleagues.
They accuse Liz MacDonald of using her civic office as provost of Nairn to fight party political battles. She recently was vociferous in her opposition to the possible closure of the council run Nairn swimming pool.
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e said...

I've always thought Inverness is to the rest of the Highlands what London is to Scotland. Although totally disgusted by the controlling politics of both locations, perhaps these latest events will finally being the prodding we all need to finally seek change. Thank you for keeping us so well informed. Living outside of the 'city' yet still within the 'shire,' i completely relate to your wonderfully written posts! :)

Graisg said...

Anon @9.33 I'm willing to publish the following part of your statement.

Disgusting that these so called gentlemen act in such ways to gang up and sack our Provost for simply supporting the people of Nairn.
Marsden, Park and Fraser will pay at the ballot boxes in 2012.

The rest may be considered offensive by those concerned.

Save Nairn said...

Liz managed to break through the 'glass ceiling' by being appointed as our Provost.

I'm in no doubt that the appointment was deeply unpopular in some quarters despite her obvious popularity with the majority of people in Nairn

It therefore comes as little surprise to find that her male colleagues grasped the opportunity to pull the rug from under her when the chance arose, and for the role of Provost to be taken by one of them

If speaking out against public spending cuts is a sackable offense whilst your are a Provost, then I fully expect Nairn to be decimated with the new Provost in post

In these very important political and economic times Nairn desperately needs someone who is more than a mannequin for some gold chain and a 'yes' man to anything that someone in Inverness says

I very much hope that Liz is reinstated and that she continues to fight our corner

Her three colleagues should be deeply ashamed of their bullying actions

We may not have the memory of elephants but voters are going to remember this political episode for a very long time

Back Bencher said...

Ex Provost Liz Macdonalds sacking
is like the new government they will CON-DEM you.

Anonymous said...

I am very surprised with Laurie, especially as he is a born & bred Nairn Loon.

The way the 3 lads ganged up against the provost (sorry ex) in such a way shows such a total lack of professional respect.

This reminds me of a movie where the goldiggers struck gold and started killing each other off for a bigger share.

I'm disgusted at such democracy as this.

takeover bid said...

At this rate Fraser, Marsden, and Park will need to call in the tanks and troops from Inverness for support for their next public Nairn meeting

Did they really think they would get the backing of Nairnites in their sacking of Liz our Provost?

Is this a warning to us all of what can happen when you get a so called coalition working together, are some parties more equal than others or is this purely and simply the old guard trying to pull rank?

Anonymous said...

The Highland Council seem to be keeping the important news about our new Provost under wraps, no press release as yet:

Also HC haven't updated their web site so Liz is still listed as our Provost

I wonder when they will be making all this official?

2nd Election said...

I do sympathise with Provost Liz
but if times they are a changing
how about a joint Provost with Mr Laurie Fraser & our very own Miss Pookie Candelabra, who would be your nomination Gurnite Fans.

Not iN mY nAME said...

I want to send my support to all the issues that affect Nairn. But I cannot, in any circumstances, let Facebook decide and override my privacy privileges.

Anonymous said...

Aye, the boys are back in town. They've taken their ball back and are no going to let the girls play anymore. What a bunch of sleekit wee jessie's!

Jane Harkiss said...

Hey, leave me outta this one babe! Politics does my head in. But having said all that, I am more than happy to come along and swear at someone for a bit, if you like, if you think it might ease the tension? Or I could just show off my new undies? XXX