Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Provost Liz speaking at the River CC last night

Some comments made by Liz:
‘I always tried as Provost to do the best for Nairn and stood up for the services and facilities in Nairn’

‘It’s them that are putting forward these cuts and proposals for Nairn and me speaking against them has obviously been too much for them to handle.’
‘Laurie I don’t think will speak out against them because he is part of the administration.’

It was Graham Marsden who said that it was unacceptable for him for me to remain on as Provost because why would the administration give a councillor from the opposition any authority or privilege.

I had the authority I feel by the mandate from the people of Nairn, which was I became the Provost two days after the election, it was agreed by the four Nairn councillors that that was for the term of the council and they welched on it.

I spoke to the Chief Executive today and he said the decision is for the local members to decide who becomes the Provost. But the fact was that they decided it was me and I hadn’t resigned. The other three then decided it was Laurie. So as far as I am concerned I am still the Provost.’

‘It’s not as if I broke the law or was caught drunk-driving or was embezelling funds. I was just speaking up.’

‘All the time I’ve been a councillor, everyone knows I’m an SNP councillor, I’ve never worn an SNP badge because I’ve always tried to work with all the other councillors to try and do the best I can for the town.

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