Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday night press review – A large crop of letters on a topical subject

The Sandown appeal falling at the final hurdle makes the front page this week, also alongside the main article a picture of Rosebank pupils at a presentation given by Nairn Sailing Club. 'Cop this', ‘Gull meance’ and a picture of the new civic head on page 2. Another major story on page 3 is the loss of the school bus service to Rosebank and Millbank schools – a purely commercial decision it seems.
A decision is expected on whether Corsee house is sold or not this week. Some Ardersier news on Page 4 and a picture of the Suburban Community Council. Liz articles on pages 6 & 7 and an editorial on her sacking plus 8 letters in her support on pages 8 &9 . This edition of the Nairnshire will be remembered for the forthright language in those letters. No doubt the other three Highland Councillors will be hoping this blows over soon but a read of this week’s crop of letters might indicate that although the storm may pass the damage left in its wake may never be repaired. Also two letters on other subjects this week.
Further into the paper and notes from Nairn Academy plus details of Millbank’s centenary open day. The usual comprehensive sports reports including the Wee County goal spree against Strathspey Thistle. A bumper read again this week and what a bargain for 40p.
Your dead tree information portal awaits you.


Anonymous said...

Did not notice any announcement in The Nairnshire when the official handing over of the Provost's chain presentation will be made to Mr Laurie Fraser

dictatorship said...

The three boys will already have done the business with the chain, don't want the public involved do we

Shame traditional protest projectiles such as eggs and tomatoes are so expensive these days

Maybe a cheap ready meal would do!

Nae gowin tae happen said...

Help ma Bob, canna think a photie
o Oor Lizie handing the Provosts Chain ower to Mr Fraser will take place some how, the good lady is doon at The Dunbar Coarse at the moment getting a good tan still trying to get that Mr Park mannie
she is one hellava thrawn girl she thought the awfie fine weather the day wid bring him oot.
Ps if dictatorship is needen any
tomatoes i can easy go ben the greenhoose & get some & i keep a few puckle chuckies so he is mair
than welcome to get some eggs white or broon wee my compliments
Aw the best.