Sunday, June 06, 2010

Erosion on the path from Mill Road down to the river - Murd speaks out

The recent heavy rain proved too much for the repositioned drain at the Millford bend and all the good work in repairing the path has gone to waste. Here's a video of the damage.

Murd Dunbar has been concerned about this spot for some time and he told the Gurn:

'I was concerned that the result of raising the drain and road would result in further erosion at this point. I pointed the fact out to the contractors at the time of the road being resurfaced and was told it would be rectified. At the same time I reported it to TEC services. Not long before the resurfacing they spent money repairing the path and lowering the drain and installing kerbs to prevent this damage which occurred every time it rained and, as you can see, their good work was undone when the resurfacing was done. Realising it was going to be left I raised the matter again and was told it was the roads department who would deal with it after an inspection. The Highland Council keep telling us all money is tight but are they prepared to ignore warnings of what will happen. Is there any point anymore in trying to raise the obvious? In the past when putting forward some of my suggestions I have been told that ‘you are not an engineer, Mr Dunbar.’ That’s true and I concede that but I do have common sense. So if this work is considered satisfactory by engineers it’s no wonder that money is unnecessarily spent as it will be in this case to put things right again. '

Here's a picture taken earlier this morning by Murd that shows the water clearly running down the centre of the path.

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Anonymous said...

You missed your chance of a red top headline there

"Murd on Mud"

"Says 'it's murder'"