Monday, June 28, 2010

Old Free Church building will be ''preserved by record'

Gurnites will remember the recent letter from Mairi Banks. Mairi questions the wisdom of demolishing the First purpose built Free Church in Scotland. Having written to the Highland Council on the subject Mairi now sends their response to the Gurn:
Andrew Puls an Archeologist with the Council states:
'Thank you for your enquiry re the demolition of the Free Church in advance of the Somerfield redevelopment in Nairn. It is often difficult to make the case for the protection of buildings that are no longer in use, and have no obvious long term viable function, or if the retention of a building is not economically viable, unless they are designated as Listed Buildings, i.e. buildings of special architectural or historic value. It is Historic Scotland's role to maintain, and add, to this list, although the Planning Authority does have some powers when it comes to applications that affect a Listed Building.
Whilst I am not familiar with this particular case, the Archaeology Unit have asked for the building to be 'preserved by record', i.e. the subject of a full building recording prior to demolition. This requirement will be attached as a condition of planning consent.
'With regard to the specifics of the case I would ask you to contact the Highland Council Planning Office in Church Street ( tel: 01463 720606) who would be able to give much more detailed feedback.'
Unless the Co-op move soon on their plans for a new supermarket then perhaps the old Community Centre building and one time Free Church could be with us for a lot longer. Who else would have the cash or the inclination to demolish it?

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