Monday, June 14, 2010

Early morning local press review – On the buses!

The Nairnshire ‘spreads’ on the buses issues and a startling admission from a Highland Council official. Read for yourself and decide if you think it is a scandal. There’s changes at Auldearn Community Council and debate over the Cawdor village Hall again. A new backer for the Nairn Games, is a certain national company trying to worm its way into the affections of Nairnites? There’s lots of pictures including another one of the man with the chain, a more flattering picture of Laurie this time round? Loads on the Book and Arts Festival and the usual extravaganza of sports reports and pictures. Down to 12 pages this week but not lacking in thrills, information, sensation and down right hyperlocal raison d’être. It wouldn’t be Tuesday without the Nairnshire.


Give us a smile said...

Flattering? I don't think it's any more flattering than the last photo, everyone else looks relaxed, happy and smiling and he's sitting smack in the middle like something out of the Victorian era. Come on Mr Grumpy, give us a smile!

growtosow said...

maybe he does not like the bling? or is the burden too heavy all that weight on your shoulders.

Say Cheese said...

In the painting of The Mona Lisa
is she smiling ? in most portraits
the sitter rarely smiles maybe Mr Fraser prefers the classical look.
I dare Give us a smile to send a picture of themselves to The Gurn Blog.
Yours sincerely
The Laughing Cavalier