Wednesday, June 09, 2010

There's no money but Highland Council finds 100K for 'Sail west'

Mmmmm, aren't the Highland Council supposed to be broke and thinking about closing Nairn Swimming Pool etc? A HC press release states today:

'The Highland Council has agreed funding of £100,000 over the next three years to complete a funding package which will expand the marine tourism industry between the west of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland. This will see new infrastructure and ancillary harbour services provided at Mallaig and Lochaline and project development work carried out for Kinlochleven, Inverie and the Small Isles.
The total project value, including marketing and infrastructure schemes in the three countries, is 7.4 million euros, attracting 6.2 million euros of grant funding from the EU Interreg IV funding scheme.
The Sail West project will create a marine leisure centre of excellence in the coastal zone and provide employment opportunities as well as rejuvenate coastal communities. The lead partner is Donegal County Council with 23 partners involved in the project including The Highland Council and Highlands and Islands Enterprise.'

Sounds great but what has to go to fund this 100K? Full press release here.


dib dib said...

Yachties sometimes pop ashore for a pint of milk whilst on a voyage, but I wouldn't have thought they would bring much money into the local economy

Providing luxury pontoons is all very well and good but if they are too expensive the boats will just drop anchor and moor for free

Sounds as though this is a dream vision of 'build it and they will come' when in truth they are already here and unlikely to increase in numbers through expensive facilities

If you really want to encourage more people to use the water then provide support and training for young people. Nairn sadly lost its Sea Scouts many tides ago and nothing has replaced it

Anonymous said...

Something has replaced the sea scouts. The dinghy section of the Nairn Sailing Club provides an excellent way for young children to get out on the water. There is a free event on June 20th for kids to try taster sessions. Check out local press and the website

Anonymous said...

It's really only 40k out of the discretionary budget over three years. The rest comes from wards nearby and an already allocated fisheries budget.

It was sad to see the Sea Scouts go but I believe this was down to a lack of local parental support to run them.

Jane Harkiss said...

See? I did try to warn you about them sea-faring types. I for one, have had my fingers burnt & my tracksuit ruined.