Friday, June 04, 2010

Tilda trying to save MacKenzie and Cruickshank

According to the Daily Telegraph Tilda is pitching in with a letter of support for the popular Forres business:
'Moray Council plan to spend more than £40 million on developing the Forres flood alleviation project.
But local firm Mackenzie and Cruikshank say the project which goes to inquiry next week would force them to close their doors after almost 130 years in business.
The garden centre sits on the site of the new project and would lose land under the plans as well being surrounded by engineering works for two years. Its owners say that would leave them with no option but to shut up shop. '
More details on the Telegraph site. The Telegraph sites Nairn as in Morayshire. This observer has heard a couple of individuals state 'wish we were etc' recently.


forres loon said...

Have a look at this weeks Forres Gazette letters page regarding your mention of Mackenzie & Cruickshank.

Anonymous said...

Why would M&C be 'forced to close their doors after 130 years'? Surely it's only the new garden centre on the outskirts of Forres that will be inconvenienced by the flood prevention works - their High Street shop won't be affected at all.

A bit of an over-reaction, methinks! (But look at the publicity they've gained - coverage on BBC radio Highland, P&J AND the Gurn!)

Jim said...

Nah, your correspondents' criticisms miss the point.

Look, the guys have invested a considerable amount of capital in developing and extending their garden centre business.

The High Street operation is bursting at the seams. They moved a fair chunk of their product range to the Findhorn-side site, in the reasonable expectancy that the Council knew what they were doing with regard to flood prevention.

BUT now it seems that Moray are saying 'WE WERE WRONG. WE NEED MUCH BETTER FLOOD DEFENCES'.

OK, we're into compensation terms here. Are the Moray Council liable to pay compensation for getting it wrong, and allowing development on a site which they now require to use for flood defences?

Is there any other site nearby that M & C could be moved to at Moray ratepayers' expence?

Oh, what a coincidence. The land adjacent to the Forres by-pass was the subject of a planning proposal last year, for:

1) a supermarket (Sainsbury?)

2) a garden centre

3) a Travel Lodge type hotel

4) a restaurant for the customers of the above.

There were public meetings, at which well-known Forres objectors to ANY CHANGE WHATSOEVER declared that there were no public demand from Forres residents for AN of the above.

One man said ' I wouldn't stay an any local hotel'.

Another said 'They'll only build houses on any land left. We don't want any more houses here. I already have a house '

Etc etc etc. All names are known locally, and will be revealed on request.......

However, given the unfortunate problem for M & C, if the Moray Council can be made to pay for their mistakes, a new garden centre site might just be available.

So look further head, readers, and see where this is going.

Graisg said...

@anon 16.39 (As someone who lives and has a business in Forres it is clear from my customers) etc.

Here at the Gurn we are not that deeply au fait with Forres affairs and thus feel unable to allow your comment.
Maybe you need to take your points to the webpages of the Forres Gazette

growtosow said...

tilda has got in too the garden news on this. it would seem she likes too spend her pennys their as well. hope she can help them out perhaps a little magic would do. but i do hope they get too stay were they are. it is always busy and worth a look around.

Graisg said...

Maybe a chance for a last minute film fest ( in the M&C premises) for 2010 on horticultural themes?