Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Right Combination for Youtube success?

This video of a combine harvester in action just to the West of Nairn has acheived over 120,000 hits on Youtube.


Jane Harkiss said...

Well they are lovely, aren't they? I can totally understand the attraction. All big and yellow and noisy as they do tend to be. Oh - and very practical too. Every home should have one - I'd be lost without mine.
Excuse me, I think I may well have forgotten to take my medication this morning.

growtosow said...

just a big lawn mower big toys. farming has come a long way since they used a horse for this job.

Gardeners Question Time said...

Hi Growtosow the gairdining chapie
i dinna ken aboot how yea feel aboot whit comes oot o a horses aerse, bit i used the broon stuff
in the gairden fae ma roses & when
i used to go roond the fairms to collect the droppings it i kept me fae biting ma nails,
do you ever use the horses doos doos yersell for the the plot?

growtosow said...

aye we use it but like too leave it too sit for a while we were getting it for free and their was a big pile of it just outside the site fence. good stuff for all plants.