Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Danny can't help with Highland Council's housing debt

There had been hopes that high-flying Danny could have helped out the with the cash crisis at Glenurquhart Road but he's firmly kicked that one into touch. The Press & Journal reports:
'Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has dashed hopes of Highland Council being able to write off its huge housing debt.
The sum currently stands at about £146million and is costing the authority another £15million a year in charges.
Local politicians had hoped the Highland MP would intervene, given his past comments and his new high-powered role within the coalition government.'
Tough times ahead indeed and Danny wasted no time in telling MSP's:
'He told Holyrood’s finance committee the Budget would see UK Government departments – like the Scottish Government – face a cut of about 25% next year'
A case of 'Et tu Danny'? Looks like the cuts will have a LibDem sticker on them in Scotland. Full P&J report here. And elsewhere 'Danny Alexander under attack for 'inflicting pain' on Scotland', proclaims the Scotsman. Looks like Danny will see many more headlines like that over the term of this Westminster Parliament.

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How the worm has turned!