Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time to cut top Council Officials pay?

Why not? Seems a good idea. The Inverness Courier has run an article on the subject after an Inverness Community Councillor spoke out:
'TOP earners at Highland Council should take a pay cut as part of the effort to protect vital services such as care homes and day centres, according to an Inverness community council chairman.
With public services facing tough spending cuts, Catriona Johnson, chairwoman of Westhill Community Council, is calling on the Highlands to lead the rest of the UK.
She wants the local authority to submit a formal request to the Scottish and UK Governments to sanction a pay cut for the council's top-paid officials, eight of whom receive more than £100,000.'


Anonymous said...

Ensure that you have the best person for the job, the best practices followed and then pay them for the quality of the service that they deliver.

Recognise the degrees of responsibility within the roles, make sure that people are properly trained and supported in the workplace and encourage excellence.

Public Sector pensions will already take a big hit and have you heard the latest about the BBC pension schemes proposed changes which could well set a precedent for all.

You cannot reduce levels of pay in the public services without reassessing what you pay in the private sector. For many people pay defines their status and sadly in our society status is still hugely important. Public services here educate 'our' children, maintain roads, provide social care, staff libraries, staff sports centres and pools. The list goes on. Senior managment may not be as hands on as lower grades but they should carry the responsibility to see that the services are provided.

As far as I am concerned I have only 2 words and a few noughts left to say

Fabio Capello


1966 said...

Fabio Capello is worth every penny, he certainly delivered the result I wanted to see :-)