Monday, June 07, 2010

Time for the Highland Council High Heid Yins to share the pain?

A quick glance at a document going before the Resources Committee on Wednesday (remember Nairn's LibDem resource Graham Marsden is now the 'Vice') suggests one or two job losses and is worthy of some analysis. Yes it is quite easy for bloggers and other commentators to pick a few bits and criticise, we admit that, but does this document tell us a lot about the council's thinking? Will the workers suffer more than management. The document states:

'This report recommends amendments to organisational structures/establishments as a consequence of proposals from Service Directors.'
A Cook (is that the tea lady?) and an admin assistant are to go at HQ. This will save the council £24,000 and will mean that 1.8 full time jobs will have to go. However according to this document a new post of 0.8 full time jobs will have to be created here, to replace them perhaps? It's a tough world and quite a few cooks and admin assistants across the UK will be getting their P45s before our present wee spot of bother has been overcome. Contrast this though with the proposal to extend the temporary post of 'Strategic Performance and Business Intelligence Manager' (cost to the public purse £51,000 per year).
It's a cruel world and if it's goodbye to the HQ chef and admin assistant then let's dump the Strategic Performance and Business Intelligence Manager and spread his work around the survivors too.
Is the wee man and lady getting it in the neck? You decide by having a look at the document yourself. The resources committee agenda is here.

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