Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Suburban CC notes

Familiar territory was revisited by the Suburban Community Council as they gave an update on their input to the Budget Cuts debate, the Sandown Lands, the Single Community Council issue and local bus troubles.
John Mackie encourage all present to go along to Rosebank tonight to have their say as the Highland Council Cuts Roadshow hits town. There were those present that thought Highland Council had already made their minds up but John stated that it was important to make one’s feelings known. It was mentioned that it was ironic that the Cuts debate was coming to Nairn on the last official day of the consultation process.
The Suburban Council are to go to Highland Council in an effort to get moving on the Wetlands/Parklands part of the Sandown project regardless of whether Deveron come back with a new plan or not.
Members felt that the much proclaimed ‘consultation’ process on Boundary Changes for Nairn’s Community Councils had not taken place in any meaningful form and were pointing the finger at Highland Council. Today is also the last day for consultation on that matter too. So if you feel that we should have a single Council representing Nairn then send in an e-mail (you can get details in the Gurn side-bar).
There was a discussion about the recent bus woes in Nairn and John Mackie wants to hear from you if you have bus problems such as not being able to get to the hospital etc or if a bus doesn’t come or if it is too crowded to get on.
Murd Dunbar was present to give an update on his efforts to get improved access for the Firhall Bridge. The next meeting is on the 25th of August.

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