Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tilda's 8 1/2 Foundation kicks off

' “Who needs church?” actress Tilda Swinton exclaimed inside the Filmhouse in Edinburgh Saturday morning. A few hundred folks had gathered, grabbing placards that read a variety of things from “Jafar Panahi” to “Cinema For Everyone Everywhere,” dancing around the theater until Swinton and filmmaker and journalist Mark Cousins took the stage to address the primary reason of the gathering: The 8 1/2 Foundation.'
As usual, the compulsory mention of Nairn in the Tidla article. More here.
There's also a video of the event


Good God said...

Who needs church? stated Tilda Swinton, quite a lot of people actually but not as many as there should be, in a rapidly declining
moral world that we are now living in. Is Church going to be a thing of the past in a few years time if the statistics are correct?

Anonymous said...

I wish people could clap in time with the music and each other...

waltzing m said...

Tilda is god for some folk who attend her church!

Nairnites enjoyed her Cinema of Dreams so good luck to her efforts to spread her ideas further afield