Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nairn by-pass blog back up

Here at Gurn HQ we often wondered what had happened to the LibDem (sorry ConDem now?) by-pass blog. Perhaps it was a browser issue or something but anyway we can see it again now. If anything new happens we'll put it back in the list of Nairn blogs in the side-bar.

The latest entry in this LibDem blog is an article dated 10.01.10 and states: 'We would like to apologies for the site being out of action for the past month due to technical problems which have now been resolved.' The previous entry was posted on Posted on February 27th 2009. There has been a bit more activity on the Facebook group however with a member posting a message in April of this year but nothing official from the Lib Dems there either. Surely Danny and Graham have done something interesting about getting a Nairn by-pass over the last 16 months? We know Graham has been very busy in the lead up to the Lizgate affair and speaking to the press afterwards so perhaps we'd better ask the main man. Any news on the by-pass Danny?


Anonymous said...

Also, I asked at the APT blog, and might as well here... d'you know how to find out voting details for the approval of the CGF money, and if the SHE budget is public?

Graisg said...

Hi Alec, sorry no idea on that, I'm sure there will be some sort of minutes however. You could always e-mail the town house in Inverness.