Saturday, June 12, 2010

Trying to change currency in Nairn

Having seen the way the exchange rate had been moving I thought it the right time to exchange a small amount of Euros I had, given there are warnings that the Euro is about to enter into its very own wee apocalypse at some time soon.
I went into the Bank of Scotland where I have an account but was shocked to be told that unless I had obtained the currency there they were not interested in changing them for me and recommended the Post Office. Excuse me but we have all been helping to pay the wages of the Bank of Scotland staff for some considerable time now and if the banks are part or wholly public owned then surely they should serve the public, otherwise what is their purpose? Perhaps to tell us that it's time to close swimming pools and community centres?
Yes I went to the post office, having been told to go away by the bank we partly own. Perhaps we should all go to the Post Office with our accounts too but we'd need a slightly bigger building. The charity case Bank of Scotland needs to rethink its priorities.


No Like said...

You're lucky you didn't have to make an appointment before being to to go away!

Anonymous said...

I think this is industry standard.