Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cuts and Swimming Pool issues in Easter Ross

Nairn has its ward forum meeting to discuss the proposed budget cuts on the 30th of this month. It was the turn of Easter Ross on Thursday night. Here's some comment from a Press and Journal article:
'During the meeting, Fiona Thorburn, of Invergordon, said all the pools already have huge waiting lists for people wanting to learn to swim.
She said it would be irresponsible to close any of the local pools as children might then resort to going to local rivers and trying to learn by themselves.
Sally Cartwright, of Alness, said it was the people of Alness who raised the funds to make the pool larger than originally planned. She said: “Morally you can’t close it.”
' Full article here.
It seems over 200 people made their way to the Ardross hall, here in Nairn perhaps we'll have a similar turn-out?

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