Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brae chains - symptomatic of a malise in the system?

The new brae chains (& padlocks) have prompted an exasperated response on the Nairn Matters blog. This observer thinks that the well-crafted words will resonate with many worried about the brae road layout. It's all over to be read on More madness on the brae.


missing links said...

Chains seem to be the latest solution to solve problems on the cheap, witness their use at the harbour pontoons instead of the gates that had been suggested.

Laurie had better keep a tight hold on the one that is now around his neck or he might find it has been repurposed for a more useful task!

growtosow said...

once again other mistake which is going too cost us money this lot should be in the big top all they need is the big red nose and pointed shoes. other idea for the chains is too put those responsible in them and keep them away from planing matters and the cash box. this lot could not plan a day out let alone any new work too be done. is this the same lot that are responsible for the yellow brick road?

chain reaction said...

These chains could also be used to
throttle the dam necks of the so called street planners, surely they must have surveyed the road for the safety of the public who when they see the dipped pavement at the bottom of the High Street
think its safe to cross only to find a car coming round the corner
& sometimes have to jump out of the way. When I am at the High Street crossing & see members of the public wishing to cross the road i warn them to do so with great care. As missing links states it looks like it done on the cheap, I've seen stronger chains on an Alsatian's lead.

Graisg said...

Hopefully the chains are a temporary measure a few more railings appear?

beggar belief said...

"Hopefully the chains are a temporary measure "

Hah! Now you're talking Streetscape II

And why don't the materials being used for the High Street pavement match those used for the Brae, or will they go back and re do the Brae? Or realise their mistake and start the High Street again?

The Highland Council wasting our money, surely not in these stringent economic times, that could never happen

growtosow said...

who let the dogs out with out their chains? we should set the dogs on the lot that did brae i think the fag packet was too small too get all the planing details on it.

Greg said...

The "crossing" is not correct, and the chains are ridiculous, but maybe some people are missing the point slightly about the Brae. The new layout is designed to discourage vehicles, I don't think anyone would argue that hasn't been achieved !

Unknown said...

A chain-reaction, I think!

Anonymous said...

Not wishing to cause any offence
but i bet our darling Pookie could put these chains to good use
Eh Girl!!

Anonymous said...

As a Nairnite who has been away for many a year & come home to visit relatives who recommended I visit your blog, where do i start
The High Street is a bloody shambles you cant move on the pavements for the construction works & at the bottom end of the street, christ i had jump out of the way of a speeding car coming round the corner, The Bailie Bridge to the caravan site cant be
crossed by motor vehicles,many a happy time I had at The Regal how the hell was that building allowed to get into the state it is now?
Also the old bus station
is dilapidated & grim looking, & not forgetting the letter that was sent to your lady provost asking her to give up her post,
its all go in this town.