Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sainsbury's Nairn store plans unveiled - this Thursday at the Community Centre

A Sainsbury's spokesperson told the Gurn: 'Sainsbury's is proposing to bring more choice, competition and local jobs to Nairn with a new store on Forres Road at Balmakeith.

Since the beginning of this year, the Sainsbury’s team has been developing proposals for a new store at Balmakeith and has now secured outline planning permission, including a £250,000 contribution to Nairn Town Centre for enhanced street lighting, real time bus service and shop front improvement scheme and a two year commitment to improve frequency and routes of the number 20 bus.

Members of the team will be at Nairn Community Centre on Thursday 1st July to unveil the proposal to the community and gain its views. Sainsbury's has received some initial feedback on their proposals and has been working on the details of the proposal which it hopes will be submitted shortly as a planning application to The Highland Council.

The new 25,000sq ft sales area store will offer a wide range of Sainsbury's products, along with a petrol filling station which will allow for supermarket fuel prices in the town.

In addition to the food store, the proposal includes 25,000 sq ft of non-food retail units and Sainsbury’s hopes to attract other retailers to complement the town’s existing shops.

Jeff Wilson, Town Planning Manager for Sainsbury's said,
"We are excited about bringing a new store to Nairn and the proposed development at Balmakeith is a great opportunity to generate further investment in the town, creating long-term employment and enhancing retail choice. Our team have been working hard these last few months to make sure that we have taken into account the feedback we have received on our plans.

“Should the Council approve our proposal, we expect to start work on site later this year with an aspiration to open in Spring 2011."
Sandy is upbeat about the event too:
Nairn Councillor Sandy Park, Convener of The Highland Council, commented,
"I am pleased to hear that Sainsbury's have taken on board the feedback they have received while working on their plans for this new store. I hope that the people of Nairn will take the opportunity to visit the exhibition to see what is proposed for this new development in their town."

The public exhibition will be held in Nairn Community Centre between 2pm and 7pm on Thursday 1st July.

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checkout posse said...

It's the job application forms that most Nairnites want, not the store detail