Friday, June 25, 2010

Sandown for sale again? Worried NRCG contact Highland Council

Out there on the web today the following information...
The NRCG has written urgently to Highland Council, alarmed by a website that appears to show the Sandown Lands for sale. It does mention the ‘agricultural tenancy’ which no longer exists but the site states ‘last verified 15 June 2010. Writing to Stuart Black they state:
'It has come to the NRCG's attention that Sandown Common Good Lands are again up for sale. The Particulars of the sale cite a Development brief which has been prepared by Highland Council.
It is our understanding, following approval of the HwLDP - Vision and Strategy paper presented to PED on 26th May 2010 that a NEW development brief will be drafted, that the Nairn community will be fully consulted on the contents of such a brief, and that any such Development Brief must be approved by the Council. '

More from the NRCG on Sandown matters soon...

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