Wednesday, July 27, 2011

30K over three years to build and maintain a website for Highland Council's new charity

Thanks to the regular reader who sent in a link to a page on the Drum, the creative marketing and media site.

Wasn't the idea of putting the swimming pools and other leisure facilities at arms length to save money? Here's what the Drum has to say:

"The Highland Council is searching for an agency to design, develop and host a website that will enhance the quality of life of those who live in the Highlands.

The site will be developed for High Life Highland, which will be registered as a charity from October, where it will aim to deliver community learning and leisure services on behalf of the council.

The website will be designed, developed and hosted by the successful applicant, with the aim of promoting the charity’s services, as well as details of services to customers."

This existing page looks good enough to this observer with links to all you perhaps would like to know. No doubt the Council's high heid yins will have a rationale for this but houldn't charity begin at home. Why spend £30K on a new site? Full details on the Drum if you fancy the job..

The Gurn hearby offers to create a gurnstyle blog/site for £30 and hand it over to the High Life folk.

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E.Maree said...

I hope the winning applicant is a local designer (or small design business) who'll charge a much less ridiculous price than their 'maximum'.