Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sainsbury's - Mesolithic Rest Stop

As Nairn waits patiently for the opening of Sainsbury's the site itself makes news on the BBC webpages:

"Archaeologists believe the remains of burned oak uncovered at the site of the Highland's first Sainsbury's store to be evidence of an ancient "rest stop". "

More here. Planning conditions prevent Sainsbury's having a restaurant in the store but should that ever change they would have the ideal "theme" for a more modern rest stop.


Anonymous said...

thats all nairn needs,another coffee/restataunt,the greedy company will take more and more business away from high st,
we should have let a more competative company in,like asdas,or lidls,who ,on the breadline can afford to shop at J.SAINSBURY,S?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it may have been nice to have an Asda or Lidl, but they didn’t seem to want to come to Nairn? The reality is we have Sainsburys, on our doorstep. Even if Sainsburys are more expensive than say Asda or Lidl, surely this will be offset by reduced fuel costs in not having to travel 10 or 20 odd miles?

Divi said...

The reality is we've had the Co-op on our doorstep but that hasn't stopped many people travelling to Forres or Inverness for their shopping under the agenda of cheaper prices and more choice. The cost of fuel, time, and the wear and tear on their car is never mentioned.

I suspect that many shoppers will find Sainsbury's expensive and after an initial visit or two will revert to the Co-op for their messages, or even drive through to Lidl

Still, we got some nice traffic lights out of the deal

Anonymous said...

lidls,i believe,tried years ago,or maybe farmfoods,wanted to move into bus station but was knocked back,i dont think adsas were considered for nairn,its a wonder tescos havent tried to buy their way into nairn
bribg back ye olde fashioned shoppe

Anonymous said...

People in Nairn WAKE UP!!! Breadline!!! really you need to leave the boundarys of this town sometime and see what poverty and living on the breadline really is! Why do people of this town have such a victim mentality? Nairn like it or not is a afluent town, Have a look at the demographic information here http://www.upmystreet.com/local/neighbours-in-nairn.html

These are the sort of statistics studied by major retailers when deciding where to open new developments.

Whilst this undoubtedly generalises, I am sure there are some families on the breadline. Nairn generaly has a higher than average income level and is a prime target market for sainsburys. Lidl and such are not primary supermarkets, and almost always follow major retail developments to plug gaps.

People are going to come from all over Highland and Moray to this store and surely it can only have a positive input to the town, as for taking business away from the high street, as far as I am aware the new store will not sell secondhand clothes, Houses, Full banking services, post office counter services, offer books for loan and as pointed out it will not have a coffee shop - so thats a good 70% of Nairn Highstreet safe. As for the other offerings perhaps they could raise their game rather than taking the custom for granted- maybe they might spruce up their premises and invest in a bit of customer service training.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comments, we get something good at last and we're moaning before its even opened. Just as the the traffic lights have worked out ok. i am sure sainsburys will work out just fine for th good people of Nairn

Anonymous said...

Well are we sure it is just the people of Nairn who are moaning or is it just that they can use the Gurn to voice a variety of opinions? Where are the Inverness, Dingwall, Beauly, Aviemore, Invergordon etc. blogs?

Anonymous said...

Sainsburys are here to stay whether the minority like it or not. Personally I think it is about time the Co-op had some competition -then maybe they might just lower their prices! They also need to do something drastic to the state of the store facing the A96..if I was a visitor to Nairn I would drive straight on! Not very encouraging for the many folk that pass Nairn on a daily basis or those who come to visit.
Choice is what it is all about and as someone else mentioned - they will not impact much on the majority of premises in Nairn!
Sainsburys.....you are welcome here!