Thursday, July 28, 2011

Movement at last from the Co-op over the Regal

People power seems to have finally moved the Co-op into action over the state of the Regal. Rosemary Young tells the Gurn that she has just received a letter from the Co-op head office, from a Mr Geoff Player, Director of Property, in fact.

The last paragraph of the letter states:

" I have instructed our property agents to come up with proposals for some cosmetic works which will hopefully assist with the visual appearance of the building."


Divi said...

Shame the local co-op committee weren't contacted in the first instance. The problem might have been sorted without some of the bad feeling that the Facebook campaign brought about

However, I'm sure we'll all be pleased to see some much needed cosmetic work being carried out on the Regal. Just need a buyer for the empty petrol station, bus station, etc

Graisg said...

The rift between the community and the Co-op goes back to the public inquiry when the Co-op put up a row of suits to try and stop competition coming to Nairn. i.e. to continue to condemn Nairn residents to travel elsewhere in search of the choice of food that other towns the size of Nairn take for granted.
One wonders if the local committee were consulted before the Co-op went into battle for a fight they were doomed to lose.
One wonders also how much it cost to hire a lawyer and all those experts.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really think that the local committee would have any say in getting the Regal sorted? No, the buck has to stop firmly at Co-op HQ.

John said...

If Mr Player doesn't get it right this time round,he could find himself
on the free transfer list.

Anonymous said...

Any new supermarket is going to have an effect on a town

In common with other big supermarkets the new store will be selling much more than just food, we'll have to wait and see as to how all Nairn retailers are affected, not just the co-op

Planning for Sainsbury's wasn't a done deal, that's why the enquiry was held

Flown the Coop said...

Local Co-op committee? What local committee? If there is one, it's been conspicuous by its invisibility and its silence...