Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rosemary Young joins the Co-op boycotters

Above is Rosemary Young's contribution to the Facebook Campaign to boycott the Co-op until they clean up the Regal etc. (click to see a bigger image if you have trouble reading it) The Campaign seems to be gathering pace and numbers as folk get on their PC's and laptops after a long sunny day. Not everyone is of the same mind however, here's another comment:

"I cant believe how narrow minded you people are...sure go ahead and boycott the Co-op , but how will you feel when its staff are out of jobs ??? Probably wont bother any of you, with money to throw away."

Perhaps the executives at the Co-op should have thought a bit like that when they set out to hire a bunch of suits for the public inquiry to try and stop a decent supermarket worthy of the new millennium coming to Nairn. Didn't they realise that the Community would turn against them for that? The top men at the Co-op wanted to keep their monopoly control over Nairn.

This observer has effectively boycotted the Co-op for the big shop for many years now and has relied on mercy lifts to other towns for more choice. Sainsbury's will offer that choice without having to travel but for some the Co-op will still be the most convenient place to shop and nothing will change that - it might even be quieter for a while with smaller queues. We'll just have to wait and see how things go. It is a shame that peoples jobs may be affected but the ill-will in this community is to the gaffers that have left things as they are and not the individuals that work there who are part of our community. The Co-op can go a long way to making amends by simply cleaning up the mess that is the Regal and the old petrol station - then the community might be inclined to show them some support again. Come on Co-op high heid yins - are you Caring and Sharing or don't you give a toss for Nairn's appearance?

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