Friday, July 15, 2011

Courier Opinion Poll - Independence for Nairn?

"Should Nairn be independent from Inverness when it comes to Highland Council decision making?"

This observer is not sure how long that poll will stay up but why not pop over and have your vote while it does? One fails to see why Inverness folk should be allowed a vote on Independence for Nairn however :-)


swingonometer said...

Are they as accurate as the infamous Gurn polls?

Graisg said...

The Gurn Poll predicted the SNP's 51% remember?
And it'd be nice if the town could get a ballot on getting a Royal Burgh fo Nairn Council - then we'd see how accurate Gurn opinion is.

Anonymous said...

Independence and separate from either Inverness or Highland Council (depending which way the wind blows), don't make me laugh.
The days when one man and his ox pulled wagon were all that used the High Street, and Herds was the new store coming to Nairn, with all the traffic congestion it brought, on the back of the traffic light installed are days long gone.
Nairn is what it is and residents can't look to the past and want to duplicate the "olden days".
But if Nairn gets "independence", the moaning few just still won't be happy, when they see cheap petrol in Inverness and demand the same. Only to find out full responsibility comes with independence ie the good AND the bad.
Nairn is a small provincial town and can't handle that, not in this big new world we call the 21st century.