Saturday, July 30, 2011

Looking good for the Nairn Show

Looks like it will be a pleasant day for the Nairn show. Good luck to all involved, here's wishing you a good turnout and a successful event today.


growosow said...

well happy with the day, the weather was brill and a few cards won as well.

Anonymous said...

i didnt get to the show as being disabled,and taxis too busy and unable to use buses,was dissapointed,wht cant it be put back to farmers showfield where it belongs,?or is that site earmarked for the co-op,to make another mess in nairn,,get the show back to nairn where locals can walk to it,not 2 miles away

Graisg said...

Don't think that will ever happen Bill, or a supermarket on the showfield too.
By all accounts there was a large crowd out the road yesterday. By the way isn't here a free bus you could have got on?

Anonymous said...

i did say that i couldnt use buses,maybe you need specs

Graisg said...

good point Bill, I probably do