Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Retired angler catches dog

The Gurn understands Community Councillor Tommy Hogg was at the end of the pier on Sunday evening when he witnessed a potential tragedy unfolding as a retriever that had entered the river by the Maggot car park lost its battle to swim against the fast flowing water in the river Nairn. The animal was growing increasingly tired as it was being swept towards the harbour mouth. Tommy, on the spur of the moment decided to make an attempt to save the animal. He went down the steps into the almost chest high water and positioned himself to intercept the creature in distress. Before the dog reached him however it began rolling in the water and went under. Tommy made a lunge for where he thought the animal would pass and luckily for the dog he succeeded in grabbing it. Tommy eventually managed to get the dog out of the water onto the pier where it seemed to be initially in a very bad state but made a recovery, by then the pet’s owners had reached the scene of the rescue. Tommy was fairly knackered too and next time says he will think twice about embarking on any more dangerous rescue missions. The lucky dog and its owners returned to Inverness after a day out in Nairn they will never forget. On Tommy’s return home the response from his wife was apparently unrepeatable.


FIDO said...

Hope to see in next weeks Nairnie
a photo of Mr Tommy Hogg with his new canine friend who he gallantly rescued,as mentioned if Mr Marsden & Mr Rose can get their photo in The Inverness Courier " Oor Local Hero Tommy " must get a front page spread in the Leopold Street Thunderer, but a wee tip for Tommy please dont do a smug face shot as seen in an earlier feature in The Gurn with him standing along side Mr Marsden at the Open Day held at The Mill Road Plots, when Mr Hogg in a disheveled state arrived home after the dog rescue, he explained to his good lady wife what had happened & she commented he was barking mad.

Anonymous said...

Good on ya Tommy!

it was a good decision when all ends well, enough said about risk assessments.

Well done lad *****


Anonymous said...

well done Tommy, Local Hero indeed. Hopefully the press will feature this as its about time we had some heart warming news in the papers.

Duncan said...

Well done, Tommy Hogg!