Saturday, July 09, 2011

Scottish Open Golf - Bad Weather bad luck

The BBC shows pictures of the water on the course at Castle Stuart. Over on MyNairn you can see a picture of the recent weather we have been experiencing in Nairn. Overnight it seems Castle Stuart was badly hit and play has been suspended again. Not the ideal debut for the competition but at least a bit of extra time for golfing types to wander through Nairn and admire the crumbling structures of the Regal, bus station etc - that all looks at its best in the rain doesn't it? We had a lot of talk about all that mess towards the end of last year and the start of this one but nothing seems to have happened yet. Time for more talk soon - or even a bit of action?

Anyway the rainfall this summer brings to mind the predictions given at a SNH seminar in Nairn last October:

"predictions were for a 40cm sea rise by 2050 and the temperature increasing by 2.5C with dryer summers and wetter winters."

Dryer summers you say? Bring it on!


plus fours said...

Only 39 years to wait for this marvellous climate change then!

As for the golf, should hold it in Nairn. Our courses don't get swept away with the first few drops of rain, well, not until 2050 anyway

Anonymous said...

I agree with the sentiments of the post. There are too many old relics of Nairn around which basically are not adding to make Nairn a town of young vibrant people.
Bus them out of town and let the young families have the housing the decrepid old relics are hogging.

Seafield said...

The Open should have been played at a well established and properly drained course - at Nairn...

Graisg said...

80 millimetres of rain Seafield, more than we had here! They were really unlucky.Let's hope they make a big comeback tomorrow. This observer remembers the storm we had last summer that knocked down around 20ft of a more than six foot high wall as water tried to find its way to the river. There's just nothing you can do sometimes when mother nature takes a hand in the proceedings.
There's a very goodgood analysis of this unfortunate situation on the BBC sports pages

"The course opened in 2009 and has been very well received by the players, but just a couple of days into its first proper tournament, it has been slapped in the face by mother nature and is struggling to get up off the canvas.

And, unfortunately, two spectators from Friday fell and sustained leg breaks."

Duncan said...

The rainfall on Friday night in Inverness was unreal. Thunder and lightning the likes of which I've never seen here before. Really hard luck on Castle Stuart. There's not a golf course in the land that could have survived the deluge.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't just thunderstorms, funnel clouds and a water spout reported too, some very rare phenomena.

Graisg said...

Does reducing to 54 holes demean the prestige of the tournament?

"Montgomerie kicks up storm of his own"

"Obviously, the Tour has been in touch with the sponsors Barclays and they've okayed reducing the event to 54 holes. But you would think if the BellSouth Classic in America can go over into the Monday of the Masters week, then The Scottish Open can do it. There is no doubt this event should be 72 holes."

More on the Independent site

devil woman said...

We need Sir Cliff to attend the event and give us a few songs whilst we're waiting for play to resume

chasing small round things said...

Couldn't they just have a penalty shoot out?

Anonymous said...

i agree with the comment re. bus station,old church,the regal,the petrol station.the old community center,and the old buildings,for FAR TOO LONG have we,the nairn people put up with these eyesores,
its time the council STOPPED PUSSY FOOTING AROUND the owners of these wrecks,and took action,get the town cleaned up,its over 2 years since the center opened so get old one either used or demolished,as well as other derelict buildings