Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Regal and the old petrol station continue to decay - July 2011

Individual pictures here. Full screen slideshow here.

UPDATE: (Weds 08.29) The Gurn has learnt from Rosemary Young that the Scottish Government's tourism minister is looking into what can be done about the state of the Regal.


Anonymous said...

I walked past it this week and it is a total and utter messs. What the tourists think I can imagine. The Co-op should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Even to knock the filling station down and increase the car park size would help. As for the Regal it was bad even when it was a pub but now it is a downtrodden unpainted mess. Time for action Mr Co-op or else your trade will surely suffer.

Anonymous said...

totally unacceptable in these days to let our one beautifull town go to ruin like this,its a scandal that should be rectified now,why dont we start a petition to get local eyesores demolished,im sure most of nairn would sign it
lets make nairn the brighton of the north again,or does the council not care as long as they get paid vast amounts for what i see,,very little

Iain said...

Among all tourists who see past it and actually stay, the most common comment is about the Regal. It does the Coop no favours and it directly affects everyone's perception of the town - indeed it defines our town to all who pass by. It is not just an eyesore; it affects our own sense of pride and directly impacts on our local economy.