Friday, July 15, 2011

"We are at the start of taking our own community and its care back under local control"

The uprising is finally underway Gurnites and Central Command in Glenurquhart Road will read all about it on page 9 of the Courier today. The title of this post is a quote from Alistair Noble. Today's article in the paper is entitled "Nairn Seeks devolution". We certainly do! And it's time to get behind the "Usual Suspects" at their combined meetings and of course at their monthly affairs across the town.

"Top priority in a range of ideas on how Nairn can acheive its full potential is establishment of a Nairnshire Committee - similar to the Inverness City Committee, which is responsible for Inverness Common Good Fund - which would work with bodies such as Highland Council, NHS Highland and the Scottish Government."

The Gurn is proud to support those wishing to end Inverness (Highland Council) rule in Nairn. The "Nairnshire Spring" has come a bit late but it is gathering momentum.

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